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Flowserve Performance! Software

Welcome to the homepage of Performance!, the foremost control valve sizing, selection, and project management software.

Performance! is the sizing and selection software for Flowserve control valve products. Additional Flowserve products are added to Performance! annually. This program helps you identify the control valve package best suited to each set of service conditions. It provides a fast, user-friendly and flexible means for:

  • Size, select, and specify valves, actuators, and positioners
  • Data entry and verification
  • Import and export valve records and specifications automatically from different data formats (InTools, Excel, etc.)

Latest news

Performance! 12.0 Build 6361 released.
Announcement: Performance 12.6361 This is the current version

Performance! 12.0 Build 6360 released.
Announcement: Performance 12.6360

Performance! 12.0 Build 6351 released.

Announcement: Performance 12.6351

  • Update procedure: Following synchronization, a dialog box will open, click on OK, Next.
  • Details of the changes in this version can be accessed through the Change Log.


New Live Help system. This new Performance! Live Help is designed specifically to provide a better Online assistance. Performance! Live Help is open 18 hours a day + 2 extra hours depending on needs, Monday - Friday.

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