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Stand-Alone Installation

ALL Performance! 12 Installation and Upgrades It is important to install as the user that will be using Performance! and NOT as a separate administrator because the install will place information needed into the “Current User” part of the registry and if this is done as the administrator is logged on, when the user logs on, they will not have the necessary data in the registry


These instructions are designed to assist anybody to install performance!. if you are unsure please contact the Performance! Helpdesk with any questions: Contact us

CAUTION: These instructions DO NOT support installation of network installations of the Flowserve Performance! software. Network users must contact the Performance Helpdesk for assistance with the upgrade: Contact us

NOTE: These instructions are written for a standard configuration of Performance! on MS Windows XP. Users of different operating systems and/or custom configurations may note some variation. Contact your IT department or the Performance! Helpdesk to resolve any concerns.

NOTE: Please print out, and carefully follow each step of the upgrade instructions. Most errors result from failure to follow (or complete) the instructions.


Please make sure that performance! is not already installed. If the directory c:\perform exists, Performance! is already installed and if you are unsure on what to do: Contact us

If you want to clean all previous installations : Remove Performance!


1. Use the link provide in the notification email you received and follow the instructions under the appropriate heading to download the installation file.

2. Click on the Run button to to launch the installation program.

3. Select your preferred language from the Select Setup Language dialog.

4. Click OK; the Setup dialog is displayed .

5. Click the Next button from the Setup dialog; the Personal Information area is displayed in the Setup dialog.

6.Enter the serial number, user name and the company name in the out the required details in the Personal Information area of the Setup dialog:

CAUTION: If the “Performance! Serial Number” is not typed in EXACTLY, the program will not install correctly. Please double-check to ensure this is done correctly.

7. After entering the above information, click the Next button; the License Agreement area is displayed in the Setup dialog.

8. Accept the license agreement by selecting the I accept the agreement radio button and then click the Next button.

9. On doing so, the Select Destination Location area is displayed in the Setup dialog. Accept the default location and then click the Next button in this area.

10. On doing so, the Select Start Menu Folder area is displayed in the Setup dialog. Accept the default settting and then click the Next in this area.

11. On clicking Next, the Select Additional Tasks area is displayed in the Setup dialog. Accept the default settings and then click the Next button.

12. On clicking Next, the Ready to Install area is displayed in the Setup dialog. Verify that all of the information is correct, and then click the Next button.

13. Wait for the install to download a new database.

After the downloading is completed, the extraction of files and then finally the installation of files starts.

14. After the installation is completed, the Setup dialog with the following appearance is displayed. Click the Finish button in this dialog.

You can notice that the Launch Performance! check box is select by default in the Setup dialog. As a result, when you click the Finish button; the Performance! application is launched automatically. But, if you de-select this check box and then click the Finish button, you need to start/launch the Performance! application mamnually.

15. Next, login to Performance! 12.

16. After the synchronization completes, Performance! will open.

17. Next, configure the Performance! application.

In the Valve Manager select the Configure menu and enter appropriate informations.

Verify Installation is Complete

  1. Launch the Performance! application.
  2. Open the Performance! Sizing screen.
  3. Verify that the title bar reads Version 12.62XX. See current version

Questions? Contact us

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