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Sybase Anywhere Server Install

Performance! Server version is a Client-Server type architecture.

Note 1: The server installation requires Administrator Privileges. This installation is divided in 2 parts:

  • Performance! core files install on a shared drive (dll, exe,… and Database file)
  • Sybase Anywhere server install

Contact us to download required files.

Performance! core files install

This installation is nearly the same than the Stand-Alone installation at the exception of the database location. On the server installation the folder containing the executable file perform.exe must be shared.

Difference between Stand-Alone and Client/Server files location:

Stand-Alone default installation:

  • C:\perform
  • C:\perform\database
  • C:\perform\drawings
  • C:\perform\ReportBuilder
  • C:\perform\sybase

Typical Server installation:

  • d:\shared_applications\perform
  • d:\shared_applications\perform\database
  • d:\shared_applications\perform\drawings
  • d:\shared_applications\perform\ReportBuilder
  • d:\shared_applications\perform\sybase
  • d:\non_shared_files\perform\database

To install core files, follow the installation procedure Full Stand-Alone Installation with one expection: Selecting the proper database location:

Sybase Anywhere server install


The basic or minimum install will be sufficient, the default will also be fine. After installing the Sybase application, you will need to update the Sybase install using the files in the Sybase Update folder. After these are installed, you will need to create a service that will automatically start when the system is booted up. You will also have to manually setup the licensing of Sybase.

Sybase Service creation:

1. Start Sybase Central 6.1; the Sybase Central window is displayed.

2. Double-click on the SQL Anywhere 12 option; two tabs of the SQL Anywhere option are displayed in the Sybase Central window. Next, click on the Services tab as shown in figure below.

3. Next, right-click to display a shortcut menu. In this shorcut menu, select New > Service as shown below; the Create Service Wizard dialog is dosplayed.

4. In the Create Service Wizard dialog, enter Performance as the new Sybase Service name for your convinience.

5. Next, select the Network Database Server option as the type of service.

6. Select dbsrv12.exe eaecutable file for this service. Accept the default location and then click Next.

5. Insert this minimum commande line : -c 1G -n performance -x tcpip{port=2638} D :\DB Files\Perform\ABCD1234.DB and then click Next.

-n Performance -x tcpip d:\non_shared_files\perform\database.db

  • -n : network
  • Performance : database name
  • -x tcptip : protocol
  • D :\DB Files\Perform\ABCD1234.DB: database location

6. Retain the default account option, that is, Local system account and then click Next.

7. Select Automatic to restart the Sybase Server Engine automatically and then click Next.

8. On clicking Next; the Start the Service area is displayed in the Create Service Wizard window. In this area, select the Start the service now check box if you want to start the Sybase service now (for testing).

9. Next, click Finish in the Create Service Wizard window to finish the service adding procedure. On doing so, the Performance service is added to the Sybase Central window, as shown in the figure.

Light should green if the servive has started.

To start or stop the service, right-click on the service and then select Start or Stop option respectively.

This marks the end of the Sybase Service configuration

Licensing Sybase

You will have to stop the service by right clicking on it and selecting stop. Then you will need to open a MS DOS window or Command Prompt.

When the window comes up you will need to type in the path to the Sybase directory and press ENTER key.

Then type in the information below as you see it and file in Name with the name of the person Performance is licensed under and in Company Name fill in the company name and press ENTER key. The number of seats is located in your CD sleeve on the Serial number sticker. Enter this number where the 4 is listed.

  • dblic.exe -l concurrent -p WINNT -u 4 dbsrv8.exe “Name” “Company_Name”

You should get a response that telling you that it has been licensed to: and show you the information :

If it is correct then type exit to close the window. After the license is applied you will need to open Sybase Central and start the service back up. If there are any questions or problems please contact us

User management:

A new tool is now provided with the installation. The ManageUsers.exe located in 'd:\shared_applications\perform\sybase' by default. Cut and past it somewhere esle. Then double-click on it.

1. Select the proper ODBC Link to the database:

2. Add required users: Name + Password. The default password should be: perform

3. Configure the Client: Client Installation

Performance! Server Syncronization

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