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Maxflo and MaxFlo 3 Orientation Code Issues

Orientation Code

To define the NR/VR Actuator Orientation Codes, make sure you reviewed all of actions/values shown here in encloded red boxes.

New Actuator Orientation Code System

The new orientation codes for MaxFlo and MaxFlo 3 were implemented in Performance! 10. The default orientations were changed to align with the market. MaxFlo and MaxFlo 3 valve records imported from previous versions of Performance! will experience the following issues:

1. Orientation codes not listed until a valve update and recalculate is done.

2. The new default orientation is different from the previous default. All default and invalid orientations are automatically changed to the new (different) default orientation.


  1. After importing the valve record into Performance! 10.0, enter the Sizing screen and choose Valve > Valve Update from the Menu Bar in the Sizing Screen.
  2. Click the Size Valve and Actuator button from the Tool Bar of the Sizing Screen.
  3. If the customer has specified an orientation, use the attached PDF or XLS documents to verify that the correct orientation is selected.

Figure 1: View of actuator portion of spec sheet in 9.4.1 :

Figure 2: View of actuator portion of spec sheet in 10.0 after a ‘valve update’ and ‘calculate’ are performed:

Warning: The default orientation has changed in Performance! 10.0. All valve records imported with the old default orientation will be automatically converted to the new default.

Preceeding versions of Performance! allowed users to specify invalid valve and actuator orientations for MaxFlo & MaxFlo 3. Performance! 10.0 resolved this issue with the implementation of the new orientation codes designed by engineering. Valve records with invalid orientation codes imported from previous versions of Performance! will be assigned a default orientation code.

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