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Follow the instructions below to locate your Performance! version and serial number:

If you are able to open Performance!

  1. Open Performance! and swtich to the Sizing screen.
  2. Select Help and then About from the menu bar at the top of the Sizing screen.

Your serial number is located at the top of the About screen. Your version is the number following “Performance!” on the About screen.

If you are unable to open Performance!

You will find your serial number navigating to Database folder by following the path given below:

My Computer > C:\perform\Database

On naviagting to this folder, the Database window is displayed as shown below:

Next, locate the largest file such as TEST_1609.db. It's the database files and it contains all your valves. The serial number is the same as the database file name. It is composed of total eight digits: four alphabets and four numerals.

In this case the Serial Number is: TEST_1609

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