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Specification Screen

The Specifications screen is used to specify materials and other valve options, and where applicable, price the valve. Specification allows the user to view the specifications and clarifications for each valve component. It also servers as user entry to the Pick (Attribute) dialog. The Pick (Attribute) dialog allows the user to specify each part of a valve component from a list of choices. To change the value for a component, double-click on a specific attribute.

Example of the Specification Screen

Usage Notes:

This includes pointing and clicking the shaded area under Value area to obtain a list of selections for each attribute through the Pick (Attribute) dialog. The tabs are located on the bottom of the screen and can be accessed by clicking on the tab that is to be selected. Under each tab, a table will appear for user interface and user information. The horizontal scroll bar on the lower right side is used to view entries provided by the user to view text entry under Note. If the user would like to view the entire entry under Note without scrolling back and forth, click on the entry under Note then press ENTER. You can exit this dialog screen by clicking the Exit button located on the lower right corner of the screen.

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