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Search/Sort for valves

Performance! has a powerful search and sort tool. This tool is used to search and sort valves based on specific parameters. These parameters are specified by using the Search for Valves dialog that is displayed if you click on the Search/Sort button.

Create the Query

Example: Requirement of all MarkOne valves in carbon steel:

Select the valve Model: Mark One
Body material selection is located in the Performance! Specification screen. So, you need to set the specification. To do so, select: Spec as shown below:

For example:

Select the correct Attribute: Body Material

Select the correct Value: 316 SS

Next, click the OK button. the Valve Manager will display all MarkOne with a 316 SS body material.

Save the Query

You can also save your query. To do so, just enter a query name in the Save on exit edit box.

When you will click the OK button, Performmance! will run the query and save it for a future usage.

Advanced Query

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